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LARGE BARREL PLANTERS, MATTE BLACK, SET OF 3, 18.0"x26.0", 14.0"x20.5", 11.5"x16.5"

Le Beau Collection

Large Barrel Planters in Matte Black

Set of 3

Brighten up any outdoor area with this chic barrel-shaped outdoor planter, delicately finished in dusky Matte Black. With just the right size, it will hold your shrubs, succulents, and small trees without taking up too much room.

Hand-crafted using all-weather durable materials, these planters will maintain their timeless look while remaining low maintenance. With just the right size drainage holes, you can be sure that soil moisture levels are perfectly managed.

Product Details
Style: Le Beau
Item Code: PV-LB5208MK-S3
Shape: Large Barrel
Color: Matte Black
Finish: Glazed
Set Quantity: 3
Size: L - 18.0" X 26.0"
M - 14.0" X 20.5"
S - 11.5" X 16.5"